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Bye Bye!
Moving Out!

Cya On The Other Side!
:bulletpurple: OCTOBER NEWS
Long time no Update'd! I have been a little bit busy with a lot of stuff (mostly neglecting this account...) but I am here ONCE AGAIN to showcase my art and be awesome in general.
What had been going on this semester so far? Well, I started my thesis, I am on a collective animation project and I also worked with Angichan for a Costume for NDK06 (Colossus, Shadow of the Colossus), I won 2nd Place in the Beginners Division!
Nothing exciting to report yet, I will be uploading art more often from now On... So expect a little bit of spam from me, ok?

THESIS (2D Animation)
The Ten Pound Cat (Working Title) - The Best Mailman, renowned for never being late, as just received a very special parcel: a cardboard box that looks like a normal package... No High-Tech envelops or Mechanical, armored boxes... Just a Normal Brown Box. Little did he knew that this package will give him so much trouble as he tries to deliver it while being chased by The Monster Mobs, who think that the heavy package has a very valuable or tasty item inside. Will the mailman be able to deliver the parcel in time? Its a Wild chase to see who will end with the package at the end!

TO DO (School) :
:bulletblue: Finish Thesis Character Designs and Key Colors
:bulletblue: Finish Layouts for Collective
:bulletblue: Start Stop-Mo Final

TO DO (Art) :
:bulletgreen: Death Note Fan Art
:bulletgreen: New DevId
:bulletgreen: Work on a Series of Cards? I like the Idea...

TO DO (Cosplay) :
:bulletblue: Ryuuk - Death Note (1%) - Patterns, Reference, Design
:bulletblue: Colossus REMIX - Shadow of the Colossus (60%) - Reference Armor, Redesign Mask
:bulletblue: OPEN SPACE - Ideas include: Ifrit (FFXI), Kankuro, Asuma (Naruto)

:bulletred: LiveJournal!
:bulletred: Cosplay!
:bulletred: NDK06 Pix!
:bulletred: My Mom's University (Spanish)
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